MedaStix™ — a new age in Medicating…!


MedaStix ™
Because Smokeless is BEST…!

MedaStix is a medicinal cannabis delivery device for use by legitimate patients with valid medical needs.

MedaStix is a new, electronic vaporizer that delivers a controlled dose without all the harmful and offensive effects of burning vegetable matter and smoke. Imagine medicating without having to go outdoors.

MedaStix contain the vapor you want, without leaving any odor behind on your breath, hands, or clothes and can be smoked almost anywhere, its even safe to use in bed.

“Smokers have been forced outdoors mainly because of second hand smoke — this smokeless, electronic vaporizer eliminates that problem along with almost all the other offensive things associated with smoking — if you need to medicate, this is the way to go.”

MedaStix is a simple technology that utilizes an atomizing chamber, microchip to control the vaporizing process, a stainless steel shell, lithium ion battery, and indicator light at the end.

The huge advantage vapor has over smoking is — no flame or burning. This eliminates chemical substances produced by the inhalation of smoke. The smokeless vaporizer uses technology to produce a vapor that flows from a med cartridge when inhaled. The cartridges are replaceable and each one can last up to twice as long as smoking comparable amounts.

MedaStix allows you to absorb THC vapors without inhaling the toxic compounds produced by combustion.
A clinical trial published in the journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences reported that “vaporization is a safe and effective cannabinoid delivery system that mitigates the health risks and respiratory disadvantages of smoking.” as well “ low temp vaporizing also lowers or can eliminate concentrations of certain respiratory irritants that are produced during the combustion of marijuana.”

The Future of Smoking is Medicating with Zero emissions.

No tar, no ash, no smell, no carbon monoxides, no flame, smoke, or fire.

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